Coming back from a long stay abroad and wishing to settle down in Paris? Appartonaute suggests a way to select the area you want to live in Paris and help you to find the flat you’re looking for!

Appartonaute frequently accompanies families or non-resident couples who return to Paris after an expatriation period. Since a few months, the forthcoming Brexit has accentuated the trend. But whether people come back from England or other countries, the difficulties remain the same to find and buy an apartment in Paris:

► French real estate market (and Paris in particular) has specific features: scarcity, the shortage of opportunities arouses the competition between agencies and individuals to sell and multiplies of intermediaries not always qualified;

► Relocation services may be relevant in the short term, but they only offer a temporary substitute, whereas the acquisition of real estate builds wealth in the long run. For those who can, the increase in market prices and the attractiveness of real estate rates are an opportunity to be privileged;

► The lack of knowledge of the Parisian market and the quality of life of the neighborhoods is one of the first obstacles to purchase an apartment from abroad. People who have lived in Paris in the past may rely on an obsolete knowledge of Parisian neighborhoods and their prices … the city and the real estate market have evolved rapidly in recent years;

► After having lived many years abroad, it is essential to choose the right neighborhood to find an international environment, and more generally a framework in which your family will blossom while you move in Paris;

► Shifting to an other living environment is sometimes a destabilizing step, even for an adults, it is even more important to secure a smooth transition for children and to fastly offer them a new stable framework in which they can find their bearings.

In short, for families leaving a neighboring country (Europe) or a more distant country (Asia, Russia, United States, Latin America …) and wishing to settle in Paris, the choice of the future apartment is essential. It must be pleasant to live in and be a good investment and this is often based on the choice of neighborhood. Given the difficulty of choosing the right area, we advise our clients in the definition of their project so that the equation “quality neighborhood + nice apartment + fair price per square meter” is realistic and they are satisfied.

Some places offer investment opportunities but not the “ideal” living environment. While others offer a pleasant living environment but sometimes prohibitive prices.

You want to settle in Paris? Appartonaute suggests you a track to find the right district and your future apartment in Paris!

Our advice:
There are many criterias to choose a district. However as part of a family with children or a couple who have the project to build a family, we recommend to consider the schools in particular and their immediate neighborhoods. If you have been used to live abroad, it is likely that an international mindset is important to you. This selection of schools will ensure your children this opportunity:

1. International School of Paris (ISP) – 75016 (Paris)

Private school, from kindergarten to high school with English learning, available in 20 other languages ​​depending on the needs of the child.
Primary School: 96 bis, rue du Ranelagh, 75016 Paris
College: 45, rue Cortambert – 75016 Paris
High School: 6, rue Beethoven – 75016 Paris

2. The American School of Paris (ASP) – 92210 (Saint-Cloud)

From kindergarten to high school, classes in English are supplemented with international programs for students wishing to study abroad. Private school.
41 rue Pasteur, 92210 Saint-Cloud

3. The Cours Molière – 75012 (Paris)

From kindergarten to high school, this private and bilingual school is particularly recommended for its small classes.
4, boulevard Soult, 75012 Paris

4. The British School of Paris (BSP) – 78290 (Croissy-sur-Seine)

Schools based on English teaching, in English during the course and favoring public examinations as well as access to studies abroad.
Primary School: 2, Hans List Street, 78290, Croissy-sur-Seine
High School: 38, Quai de L’Excluded, 78290, Croissy-sur-Seine

5. Bilingual International School – Paris & Near Suburbs

From kindergarten to high school, there are 6 private schools in Paris and Yvelines. They adapt to the needs of children: from immersion in French culture to different foreign pedagogies.

Present in the 8th, 15th, 16th, 17th arrondissements of Paris and Bougival in the Yvelines.

6. The College and High School Honoré de Balzac – 75017 (Paris)

Bilingual public institutions. Targeted on European languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) they also include Arabic in their curriculum. Classes are in French but some can be done in the child’s native language.
118, boulevard Bessières, 75017 Paris

7. Eurécole – Paris

Teaching from kindergarten to high school in English, Spanish, German and French turned to the major exams of the French program.
Kindergarten and primary schools: 5, rue de Lūbeck, 75116 Paris
Secondary School: 34, avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris

8. Saint-Germain-en-Laye International High School – 78100 (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)

Despite its name, the school has a primary school, college and high school. Ideal for expatriate students wishing to follow the French curriculum. Support is possible to improve its level.
2, rue du Fer à Cheval, 78100 Saint Germain en Laye

9. The Marymount International School, Paris – 92200 (Neuilly-sur-Seine)

Private school and catholic, it is the first international school of Paris. It welcomes children from kindergarten to college regardless of nationality or religion. English support is available.
72 Boulevard Saussaye, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine

10. The Lennen Bilingual School – 75007 (Paris)
In the heart of Paris, this kindergarten and bilingual primary school gives classes in French and English.
Nursery School: 145, rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris
Primary School: 176, Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

Other schools provide international teachings such as the German International School of Paris, the Swedish School of Paris and the Spanish College Fédérico Garcia Lorca. You can visit their sites to find out more.

The choice of the neighborhood by the school is only one of the many angles by which your project might and should be considered. For those who wish so, our team of apartment hunters is at your disposal to consider all the aspects of your project to buy an apartment in Paris (financing, moving, identifying property, work achievements) and give them life.

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